1 April - 15 April 2010

BP Day of Shame
10 April, Cornmarket, Oxford City Centre

Here's a quick introduction to the Tar Sands, and why it's so important that we stop BP investing in them. On this page …

What are the Tar Sands?

The Tar Sands are a vast reserve of oil in Alberta, Canada – the second largest in the world. As other sources of oil dry up, major oil companies, banks and investors are pouring billions of dollars into Tar Sands extraction.

The tar sands development in Alberta, Canada, is being called ‘the biggest environmental crime in history.’

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Why focus on the Tar Sands?

Climate Change

Indigenous rights

Why should I care about something so far away?

Why focus on BP?

Here’s the depressing bit …

However, here’s the optimism …

What can I do?

TVCA supports the UK Tar Sands Network.
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Random link from Climate change groups & collectives category …
Don't Build Kingsnorth: A campaign to stop the construction of a new round of coal-fired power stations in the UK.
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